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Meet The Staff


  • Darlene
    Therapy Assistant

    Darlene has been working with our team Since the summer of 2020 . She is one of our two part-time therapy assistants at the office, but you will see her from time to time at the front desk as well.  In addition she takes care of ordering supplies and makes sure the treatments rooms are clean and neat for your visit. She always brings fun and a smile to our patients and fellow staff members. We are very thankful to have her on board.

  • Marcie
    Office Manager/Insurance Billing Specialist

    Marcie is our office manager & insurance billing specialist. She has been working either in the office or remotely for the last 25 years. She started out as the front desk receptionists when the office first opened up in 1996 and has worked in that roll at different times throughout the years. She currently works in accounts payable, along with her billing and office manager roles. Marcie came back full-time to the office in our billing department, one year ago. You will meet her on one of your first few visits to the office, as she will explain your insurance coverage and/or payment options.

  • Emily
    Scheduling/Insurance Billing Assistant

    Emily has been working with us part-time since April of 2021 in the back office at our scheduling desk. If you have ever called the office, you probably talked to Emily. She works answering phones, scheduling patients and helping with insurance billing. You will see Emily working at the front desk from time to time as well. She is a joy to have on the team and if you  get the chance to talk to her on the phone or see her at the front desk, you'll see and hear the positivity radiating from her voice.

  • Karen
    Front Desk Receptionist

    Karen is one of our part-time front desk receptionists. If you've been into the office in the morning, you've met Karen.  She started working with us in February of 2016 and has been a blessing to us as well as our patients.  She is well versed in all areas of the clinic as she has helped in every department since she started working with us 6 years ago.  Karen is warm and friendly and will always be happy to welcome you with a smile.

  • Tiffany
    Full-Time Front Desk Receptionist

    Tiffany is our full-time front desk receptionist and has been with us since May of 2018. You've seen and know Tiffany if you've come into our clinic over the last several years. In addition to many other responsibilities, she makes sure everyone gets to the right place at the right time once they've entered the door.  We call her the Team Quarterback! She has a welcoming presence and will make sure you are well taken care of on your first, and all visits following.  We are thankful to have Tiffany working with us.

  • Sherrie
    Scheduling/Insurance Billing Assistant

    Sherrie is one of our part-time back desk scheduling assistants who also helps assist with insurance billing.  You have heard Sherrie's voice at one time or another if you've  called the office. She makes you feel right at home when you call with questions or to make your first appointment. She joined our team in September of 2021, but has been a patient of Dr. Vargo's for many years. You may catch a glimpse of Sherrie in the reception area from time to time but she currently works in our back office only. She has been a positive addition at the office.

  • Baylee
    Front Desk Receptionist/ Scheduling/Insurance Billing Assistant

    Baylee has worked for us off and on since the summer of 2017.  Currently you will see her at the front desk in the afternoons but she will also be answering your calls from the back one morning a week. When she first started working at the office she worked as one of  the  therapy assistants. Baylee has a positve attitude and loves working with the patients! We are blessed to have her on the team.  Oh, and by the way, she is Dr. Vargo and Marcie's daughter. 

  • Michaela
    Therapy Assistant/ Insurance Billing Assistant

    Michaela was added to the team in October of 2021 as a part-time insurance billing assistant in the mornings. She has since joined the  afternoon shift as therapy assistant as well. Michaela has a gentle & kind presence. She fits in well with our staff and loves working with the patients.  You will definitely feel cared for if you get a chance to meet her.

  • Megan
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Megan is one of the care givers at our office. She is a licensed massage therapists and has been working with our patients and on the team since May of 2016. She is friendly and welcoming in addition to being very good at what she does.  She works hand in hand with Dr. Vargo in the treatment of our patients in addition to treating people who just want to come in for massage only. Megan is compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. If you are interested in massage therapy, feel free to call our office or ask when you come in, to schedule an appointment with Megan.

  • Cody
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Cody is one of the care givers in the office. He joined our team in August of 2021 as an additon to our Massage Therapy department. He works hand in hand with Dr. Vargo to provide a multi dimensional approach to the care our patients receive at the clinic. Cody is professional, knowledgeable and very good at his job. You do not have to be a patient in our office to request a massage. Please feel free to call our office or stop in to make an appointment with Cody.

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